Hi I'm Jasmine but everyone calls me Jazi, and this is my husband Jeremy, together we are "Jaz and Jer."  We have always been dreamers and DIYer's ever since we first met at 17. Years later we got married and had a DIY wedding at a beautiful loft venue. It's now been 11 years since we said "I do," add three kids and are still BIG DREAMERS.

We get asked all the time, "How did you come up with this idea?!?"

A few years ago, I dreamed of owning a vintage trailer to travel all over the U.S, but for me this dream felt distant and unrealistic. The idea was birthed through my give back that I created in 2011 called CLICK FOR HOPE, where I photograph and share inspiring stories on my blog. In 2014, I wondered what it would look like if I could expand beyond Chicago and go national, to then go global. I shared my idea with a CLICK FOR HOPE client, and it just so happened that her mom was selling her trailer in Colorado....can you believe it was the exact year and model I was looking for?!? The trailer was already renovated on the outside, and gutted on the inside, ready to be transformed into a mobile business. Before we knew it, in Feb. 2015 we purchased "Hope", packed up our kids to drive across the country, and picked her up. Jeremy loved my heart to give back, but ensured me that we needed a way to fund my project. That's when the light-bulb went off in his head, and he said, "We should totally put a photo booth inside of it."  Now I will admit, I fought the idea for a while. After hearing his ideas, I finally caved, and am so glad that I did. We spent countless hours making her look exactly how we dreamed of, in addition to building a custom freestanding photo booth inside, that way we could easily transform her into my mobile studio for CLICK FOR HOPE. As wedding photographer and cinematographer, we always wanted to be a part of the photo booth business, but didn't want to join forces until we could come up with a really unique concept.

I think it was meant to be! What do you think?

Now in 2017 we couldn't keep up, so we added our 2nd trailer, Faye, to the team, and are beyond excited for all the FUN we get to be a part of!