Do the trailers have A/C for those hot summer days?

They each have a cute copper vintage fan in there to help cool you off. On those really hot summer days, we do have a freestanding a/c that we bring along to help keep it cool inside of Hope. We have found we will need access to 2 different circuits in order to power our trailer, and the a/c, so please keep in this mind.

What do you need for the photo booth to work at our event? 

Firstly we'd need to confirm that your venue will allow for us to be there. Once they approve us, all we need is to be able to plug into an outlet and viola she's got all the power she needs to operate fully.

We are having an outdoor wedding/event, can you pull up onto our grassy lot?

Yes we will as long as the land is flat, and we can pull her in with no problems.

Our venue is indoors, can you bring HOPE or FAYE inside?

As long as they fit in the venue, and the venue approves it, then yes, They will go where ever they are welcomed! Just in case here's HOPE's exact measurements: 8 1/2ft high, 8 ft wide, and 17ft long from tongue to fender,

FAYE is 7' 6' ft high, 6' 10" wide and about 13ft long.

What time do you come to setup and how much time do you need?

We come to our events 60-90mins before the contracted time to setup. If your venue has a required setup time that is much earlier than that, then an idle fee will apply.

To you do street festivals?

Absolutely! Contact us for more details.

Do your collections include unlimited prints?

Yes it does! We want your guests to have a blast, and to get as creative as possible with taking their photo.

Can we setup the photo booth outside of the trailer?

Our custom designed photo booth stays inside of Hope and Faye, but you can definitely take selfies or have your hired photographer take photos in front or inside of them, be sure to hashtag us on all your photos: #jaziphotobooth. We'd love to see your photos of Hope and Faye! Hey who knows you may even get featured on our Instagram account.

What if I want to see what the trailers looks like in person before booking?

Please contact us to schedule a time to come and visit! We'd love to show you them. We will do our best to make it happen.

Can we do custom decor on the outside/inside of the trailer to fit our wedding theme?

Of course you can, please ask for a custom quote for this. Or your event planner is able to add decor to the outside, all you need is our approval.

Can we book HOPE or FAYE to be my bridal suite?

You sure can! If you want to book her for additional hours so it can be used for your bridal suite, the hourly rate would be $125 per hour.

Are drinks allowed in the trailer?

We ask that no drinks be brought into the trailers. That way we can keep everyone safe, but most of all preserve Hope and Faye to ensure that they will last a long time.

How far do you travel?

We love traveling, and so do they. Our collections includes up to one hour of travel. If your event is further than that, then a travel fee will apply.

Have a question you didn't see answered here?

Feel free to contact us at connect@authenticadventure.co with any other questions you may have!